Workshop Property Photography

Potential buyers view a property on-line. Especially on the second home market. Potential buyers mostly live abroad.

The standard of presentation is a significant factor in how appealing a potentional buyer finds a property. Most of the buyers will look at the photographs before they take the time to view the property. Or even before the take the plane…

The property needs to feel right.

Photography has never been more important to selling properties than it is today.

First impressions count and the property needs to stand out from the crowd!

The property needs to look and feel as appealing as possible to the maximum number of potential buyers.


You will learn about camera use, camera height, lenses, lighting, outdoor lighting, flash lighting, vertical edges (verticals must be correct!), composition, surroundings, the best perspective for each room, the importance of the first image (the first photograph a potential buyer sees (usually) when reviewing properties online is an exterior photo) and much more.

Duration: one day
Morning: theory.
Afternoon: hands on experience and practicing in a property.

Courses will take place in a realistic setting: a property.

For Whom?

  • Home Owners
  • Estate Agents
  • Interior Designers

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Workshop Property Photography
WorkHop Property Photography

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