Three Day Training Certified SCG Home Stager

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Is the Training Certified SCG Home Stager for you?

  • Are you creative?
  • Do you have a PASSION for interior design?
  • Are you interested in the real estate market?
  • Do you love working with people?
  • Do you know how to create a dream home with little money?
  • Are you good in solving problems?
  • Have you always dreamt of starting your own business?

Are the answers YES?

Then go for it, take the decision now, subscribe to the 3-Day Training Program and qualify as a Home Staging Professional.

The program provides a professional level of achievement within the Home Staging and property styling industry.

Study modules are designed to build your knowledge of Home Staging, property styling, colour knowledge, business practice, communication, customer service, marketing of your business and property market awareness.


In a classroom environment you will learn the details of the SCG proven program of successful Home Staging working practices and about the processes involved in Staging a house. You will see many before and after picture examples and a powerful power point presentation to show Staging concepts.

You will learn creative problem solving of how your clients can Stage, what you can do to help them and in what way they can seduce the buyer. We will tell you all about the five senses and how potential buyers use them during a viewing.

We will show you that SCG Staging is not just about telling home owners to buy things. Instead, we will show you how creativity can be the best solution for you and your clients (sellers) in the best possible way and you will learn how to determine priorities.

Home Stagers work hand in hand with sellers to lift all aspects of the interior for a minimal investment on their part.
You will learn about colours and how to use them during the Home Staging process. We will explain what specific colours can do for an interior, what basic and neutral colours are and how to use them in the Staging process. Ugly or wrong colours do not exist, wrong colour combinations do. We will tell you which colours will appeal most to potential buyers.

And very important: you will also learn how to educate your clients so that they can understand and value the Home Staging services that you will perform for them.
Communication is crucial to your Home Staging success! Staging Talent is one thing, but learning how to get your sellers to do what you share with them is another thing indeed. You can be the greatest Stager in the world, but if you are not able to educate your clients on the benefits of Staging then they probably will not Stage their home with you.

You will learn Home Staging techniques from the pros, and then have the opportunity to put it into practice by Staging a real house as a group project (day three).
You and your class will go to a home that is on the market for sale for a wonderful and useful experience. This is not only fun but a very educational experience that will empower you and help you build confidence in your ability to Stage.

We will tell you about how to build a business and about business practice, about customer service and how to market your business.

You will get full instruction on how to successfully start, build, run, and operate your own Staging business.

After your three days of detailed and extensive SCG Home Staging Training, you will graduate with all the knowledge and expertise you need and with the necessary reference materials and Home Staging tools to start your business.

For Whom?

  • For home-based professionals who want to start, build and run a profitable Home Staging Business.
  • For professionals interested in adding the SCG designation and Home Staging services as part of their current real estate, home redecorating or interior design business.

What will you receive upon graduation as a SCG Home Staging Professional?

  • Comprehensive and detailed SCG training manual
  • Listing with personal profile on the SCG Home Staging website
  • 5 professional flyer booklets for your clients explaining about SCG professional Home Staging with before and after photographs
  • Possibility of having a professional website built for your Home Staging Business at a special SCG Home Stager’s price
  • The unique Interior Color Wheel
  • Hands on experience of Staging an actual home that is on or going on the market for sale which is a fun, educational, and very empowering learning opportunity and experience for you
  • One yearFREE membership in the SCG International Network of Home Staging Professionals (Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France)
  • Licensing of the trademark Styling Concepts Group (Spain) and LNV (Benelux)
  • SCG Course Certificate of completion
  • Continuing online education after certification; upon demand as long as you are member of the SCG Network of Home Staging Professionals

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